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The Unveiling:
      The Donato M. Pison Monument was finally unveiled on May 1, 2010. May 1 was also the date of the annual grand reunion of the Pison clan coming from all parts of the country and abroad.

      The event was just  a family affair attended by, aside from members of the clan, a few important people, the artists and special friends, 

      Several months after it was unveiled the landscaping eventually complimented the whole monument. 

      What I believe is great about this monument is that it is not only sentimental relevant and true to its purpose but it also fulfilled the City*s need for more artistic and aesthetic public monuments. This is probably the first artistic and aesthetic public monument put up in the City in almost fifty years.

      Now this monument has become an icon of the city and a place where people of all persuasions can actually go to relax in, to have photographs taken, to have fun, and even to have a picnic. Today it has even served as a backdrop for wedding photos, for dating photos, for academic endeavors and other such activities. As mentioned earlier this is certainly something that the City needs.

      For giving me this opportunity to carve something out for all Ilonggos for all eternity I am truly grateful and indebted to the Pison clan.
Images of the Monument from Different Cameras:
Photo by Jan Michael Marasigan
Photo by Vincent Valencia